September 30, 2023

About Us

IbcIive is a complete online Portal in the media World of Malayalam. It is Kerala based digital media publishing house, operating as domain, which has authentic and credible recognition among all the Malayalam speaking community, all around the world.

Our vision is to re-imagine media practices for the Digital Age, uniting the promises of technological innovation and the power of fearless journalism. Dedicated to pursuing original and responsible journalism, in which we believe is a good means of change. Ibclive is for to strengthen the voice of the poor of the poor’s who are neglected by the mainstream media hub. The charity is also a prime aim. Ibclive from the beginning to establish the Firm as a credible media outlet among the traditional media houses. A team of veteran and new faces of journalists are its wealth and Power. Ibc is a centre for new broadcasting tools. So Ibc is an integrated broadcasting centre, A media centre with the power to access the people in the whole virtuality.

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